Photo Publishing

Photo Publishing is everywhere

Beyond prints, photo publishing includes products such as photobooks, agendas, calendars, cards, canvases, t-shirts, mugs, phone covers, etc. (you name it). Customized photo products are now everywhere and often offer a good level of margin.

Right creation tools

Being used to the use of digital tools, the customer wants to have total control of the publishing process. All it takes is the combination of a product, a photo or a set of photos and the right publishing tools.

Simple web integration

Combined with ease of use, ubiquity of access are now a must. Your customer need to be able to create and order their products easily and everywhere.

Creator Five is a powerful and versatile tool to create personalized photo products using any kind of terminal, a tablet or a desktop computer thanks to its HTML5 based engine.

If needed, Photo Web Shop provides an all-in-one photo publishing e-commerce solution operated in a SaaS mode.