Koffeeware releases inbox.photo

Strasbourg, France – May 5th, 2016 – Koffeeware, a worldwide supplier of photofinishing solutions, announced today the release of inbox.photo. Primarily addressing local photo businesses, inbox.photo is the next generation photo products ordering environment. inbox.photo provides a fast path for ordering photo prints, wall art, photo books, etc.. Its main focus is simplicity, both to the user as to the manager.

The manager side

It features a straightforward setup and workflow based on a simple dashboard providing for intuitive setting up of products including tier based pricing.
The dashboard allows for complete management of the environment, the products and the orders as well as interface customizations. Supported products already include paper prints, large format prints, wall art, photo books, collages, photo gifts and cards.
To address businesses around the world, localisations are also easily managed from the back-office.

The user side

100 % online, tailored to the touch screen interfaces and requiring no software to download nor plug-in to install, inbox.photo runs seamlessly on any device, desktop or mobile. With inbox.photo, Koffeeware leverages its track record in user interface design thanks to the successful adoption of Creator Five.

“Simply said, inbox.photo is a simple click & collect solution for local photo businesses.” declares Gilles Pommereuil, CEO of Koffeeware. “Businesses can launch their online activity in a few clicks at https://inbox.photo with close to no investment.”.


Subscription is free and comes with free credits for testing and first orders. The pricing is based on fees per product ordered. The cost includes the hosting and the updates of the environment. Details about the available packs can be found at: https://inbox.photo/en/pricing/.


inbox.photo is available now at https://inbox.photo.

Graphical elements

If needed, some screenshots are available: