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10 frequently asked questions about

I run a local photo print shop, is for me?

Yes, in fact, serving local photo print shops was the primary intent when developing with a simplified ordering tunnel.

Does require installing an application?

No, is a fully online solution.

Does manage shipping has been designed with in-shop delivery in mind. In shop customer experience generally means no hassle and a quick path to transaction completion. More details on the related post: “Why does not manage shipping“.

Does run on mobile phones? runs without any restriction on tablets. On mobile phones, some products such as books and calendars are not supported.

Does support online payment?

Yes, two payment bridges are available: PayPal and Stripe.

Can I customize inboxphoto?

Yes, you have several customization options. You can upload pictures for your categories and your products, a logo for your shop and do some CSS changes.

Can I create my own templates?

Yes. It requires the optional Premium Pack which provides for access to the Resource Manager.

Can I translate

Yes, includes a translation tool.

Can I run on my domain?

You can not run on your domain but you can load on a page of your web site using an IFRAME.

What is the pricing?

Detailed pricing information is available online at

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Why does not manage shipping

From the beginning, has been designed with in-shop delivery in mind. In shop experience generally means no hassle and a quick path to transaction completion.

With this in mind, was designed with no cart management and no customer account. Only three simple steps: customize a product, order it, pick it up in the shop. Payment can occur online at ordering time on in shop at pickup time.

As a side effet, does not manage shipping as it would add complexity and would imply managing a cart to lower the shipping fees per product and managing a customer account for order management and tracking.

For more complex solutions including shipping, we offer Photo Web Shop or Creator Five to be deployed along with an ecommerce environment such as WooCommerce.

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What distinguishes Creator Five from

Having a clear understanding of products is obviously key. Koffeeware provides three products aimed at specific needs. In a previous post, we’ve tried to clarify What distinguishes Creator Five from Photo Web Shop. Since the introduction of, a concern rises to understand what distinguishes Creator Five from

On one hand, Creator Five is an online tool to provide for product customization functionnalities. Creator Five is to be included into an ecommerce environment thanks to its API.

On the other hand, is a turnkey online solution designed to provide an online environment for ordering photo products. is simple to setup. 

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10 things to check before sending your e-mail campaign

E-mail campaigns are the heart of ecommerce. You have spent valuable time writing your email, cleaning your mailing-list but are you sure you are ready to click on the send button? Did you put all the chances on your side to maximize the open and the click-through rate and to finally reach your goal?

Here is a check-list of ten points to you should look after before hitting the send button.

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Koffeeware photo products and GDPR

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is around the corner and has quite some implications for e-commerce web sites.

Koffeeware being a provider of photo centric e-commerce environments, we are obviously concerned by privacy in general and GDPR in particular.

Privacy by design

First of all, our products have always been designed with privacy as a concern. This translates into the fact that our tools only collect really needed data, the data needed to properly process and ship orders (when relevant).

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How to make sure Creator Five is for you

We get many enquiries for a better understanding about Creator Five. Here are some hints to make sure Creator Five is for you.

What is Creator Five?

Some quick words to remind what Creator Five is about. Creator Five is an advanced HTML5 powered photo editing and publishing set of tools provided in SaaS mode for integration into any photo web shop.Read more on the Creator Five dedicated page of our web site.

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Launched a little bit more than one year ago, shows continuous momentum and already turns 500!

With shops in Andorra, United Arab Emirates, Antigua & Barbuda, Albania, Armenia, Argentina, American Samoa, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brunei Darussalam, Brazil, Canada, Central African Republic, Switzerland, Ivory Coast, Chile, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Egypt, Spain, Ethiopia, Finland, France, United Kingdom , Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Iran, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Sri Lanka , Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Malaysia, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Palau, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Senegal, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, United States of America, Uruguay, Venezuela and Viet Nam (yes, the list is long but we wanted to make sure not to forget anybody).

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WordPress plug-in for

Today, we’re launching our WordPress plug-in for

The purpose of this plug-in is to streamline linking of your shop from your WordPress based site. Integration is made easy by generating ordering buttons or modules using a dedicated shortcode.

A product widget is also available for themes supporting sidebar widgets.

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