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10 frequently asked questions about

I run a local photo print shop, is for me?

Yes, in fact, serving local photo print shops was the primary intent when developing with a simplified ordering tunnel.

Does require installing an application?

No, is a fully online solution.

Does manage shipping has been designed with in-shop delivery in mind. In shop customer experience generally means no hassle and a quick path to transaction completion. More details on the related post: “Why does not manage shipping“.

Does run on mobile phones? runs without any restriction on tablets. On mobile phones, some products such as books and calendars are not supported.

Does support online payment?

Yes, two payment bridges are available: PayPal and Stripe.

Can I customize inboxphoto?

Yes, you have several customization options. You can upload pictures for your categories and your products, a logo for your shop and do some CSS changes.

Can I create my own templates?

Yes. It requires the optional Premium Pack which provides for access to the Resource Manager.

Can I translate

Yes, includes a translation tool.

Can I run on my domain?

You can not run on your domain but you can load on a page of your web site using an IFRAME.

What is the pricing?

Detailed pricing information is available online at

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