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What distinguishes Creator Five from

Having a clear understanding of products is obviously key. Koffeeware provides three products aimed at specific needs. In a previous post, we’ve tried to clarify What distinguishes Creator Five from Photo Web Shop. Since the introduction of, a concern rises to understand what distinguishes Creator Five from

On one hand, Creator Five is an online tool to provide for product customization functionnalities. Creator Five is to be included into an ecommerce environment thanks to its API.

On the other hand, is a turnkey online solution designed to provide an online environment for ordering photo products. is simple to setup. 

Going into details

Creator Five

Creator Five requires a web site with ecommerce functions. It will plug into the product personnalization path. Integration is done using the provided API. For WordPress/WooCommerce environments, a plug-in is also available to simplify the integration tasks.

Creator Five is targeting ambitious photo web shop projects. The ecommerce environment shall take care of the product pages, the cart management as well as the payment and shipping options.

While the technical manufacturing data about the products is managed by the Creator Five administration tools, the product presentation (features, options, picture and pricing) is to be managed by the hosting web site.

Some further development can be involved to connect the online environment to the photo fulfillment using the Creator Five REST API.

Benefitting from the features of the hosting web site, Creator Five allows for creating powerful and feature rich photo products web shops.

With simplicity in mind, is primarily targetting in-shop delivery photo web shops.

With a very simple and short path to the order, could be considered as an online extension of the in-shop kiosks.

Regarding the deployment aspects, no software development is needed and it can run even without web site as it is a hosted service. Create an account, setup your products and your service is ready to get orders for you.

Upgrade path and Creator Five sharing the same product management tools, there is an upgrade path where products created and managed by can be migrated to a fresh Creator Five instance.

Pricing details

Further reading

For more information, you may check our 10 frequently asked questions about blog post, the product pages or contact us, we’d be glad to know more about your project and provide you with the most relevant information.

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