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10 things to check before sending your e-mail campaign

E-mail campaigns are the heart of ecommerce. You have spent valuable time writing your email, cleaning your mailing-list but are you sure you are ready to click on the send button? Did you put all the chances on your side to maximize the open and the click-through rate and to finally reach your goal?

Here is a check-list of ten points to you should look after before hitting the send button.

  1. Display – make sure your e-mail displays nicely on a wide range of terminals and webmail clients.
  2. Content – make sure your content is relevent and does not contain spammy words.
  3. Links – make sure all links are valid and target the intended location.
  4. Object line – make sure your object line is relevent and does contain at least 50 characters.
  5. Text version – make sure your text content matches as possible your HTML content.
  6. Sender address – make sure your sender address is relevent and avoid noreply addresses.
  7. Sender name – make sure your sender name is relevent and easy to identify from your contacts.
  8. Unsubscribe link – make sure to have a visible unsubscribe link, it is mandatory and avoids your contact to hit the spam button.
  9. Name of contact list – make sure to have a relevant name of contact list to avoid confusion when hitting the send button.
  10. Consent of your contacts – make sure to have the consent of sending to your contacts (if your customers are located in the EU, make sure you satisfy the GDPR rules).

Last but not the least, make sure you have set up the technical details for an improved deliverability of your e-mail campaigns.

1 thought on “10 things to check before sending your e-mail campaign

  1. Before sending an email marketing campaign is recommended using an email validation service. Maintaining thorough hygiene, you’ll have higher deliverability. Also, your content is very important. An attractive content with emoticons will have more success. Try using the principles of psychology in marketing. Will make your campaign from good to amazing.

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