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How to make sure Creator Five is for you

We get many enquiries for a better understanding about Creator Five. Here are some hints to make sure Creator Five is for you.

What is Creator Five?

Some quick words to remind what Creator Five is about. Creator Five is an advanced HTML5 powered photo editing and publishing set of tools provided in SaaS mode for integration into any photo web shop.Read more on the Creator Five dedicated page of our web site.

Please note that Creator Five is designed to be included into an existing web site. If you don’t have a web site, you should consider Photo Web Shop. Read more about What distinguishes Creator Five from Photo Web Shop.

What does Creator Five consists of?

Creator Five consists of a set of JavaScript libraries. These libraries provide the core product customization editor. When invoking the editor, product specific information is to be provided using JSON formated tables.

Additional resources include generic jQuery libraries. For best performance, all these resources are served from high performance web servers with long cache expiration date.

Production related interaction is done using REST calls. If you are not familiar with REST APIs, there is nothing to be afraid of. OpenClassrooms provides a complete tutorial on how to Build your web projects with REST APIs.

Last, Creator Five comes with an interactive Resource Manager simplifying the task of managing product templates and graphical resources.

For WooCommerce based projects, we also offer a plug-in to streamline integration tasks.

So, is Creator Five for you?

With this in mind, here is a check list to make sure Creator Five is for you:

  • You sell or plan to run a web shop to sell photo customized products.
  • You run or plan to run your own web shop with a running shopping cart (off-the-shelf CMS or custom development).
  • You have some programming skills and are able to hook the shopping cart of your web site.

To get into more details, feel free to contact us about your project and your needs.

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