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Some times, too much is too much.

And when it comes to placing online orders for photo products, the easiest, the best.

With this in mind, we’ve released for small photo businesses willing to provide their customers with modern online photo products ordering capabilities.

No software to install, no web hosting to manage, is a fully hosted solution. Thanks to the latest HTML5 technology, it runs on all terminals, what ever the operating system (assuming it runs a modern web browser), what ever the device including tablets and mobile phones. is a over easy solution for allowing your customer to place orders of prints, canvas or posters. is based on applications. Each application is dedicated to a specific category of products. Application are easily managed from the back-office.

First releases are primarily targeted at in-shop delivery with pay as you go.

Product development roadmap plans include to offer online payment solutions in a near future.

Pricing model

The pricing model is also very simple. No setup fees. Only prepaid plans involving commissions on products to be sold. Tiered plans allow for more moderate pricing with higher volumes.

Free trial

Last but not the least, free trial is based on 500 credits offered at registration time.

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