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Speed matters

We are humans, we hate waiting.

Therefore, speed matters in every action we take. In fact, speed seems to be hidden in our mental approaches (it probably has something to do with adrenaline).

Speed sensation relies on multiple factors. The first one is obviously speed itself. But the second one that comes right next is clarity, understanding things quickly, feeling confident. We often instantaneously have feelings and follow them. Thanks to some signs, we know we are in the right place, we know we will find what we are looking for, etc.. 

This also applies on the web and especially to e-commerce. When visiting a web site with an idea in mind, we need to get to the point. Straight.

This means a fast response time but also being presented clear options.

This is behind our general design philosophy and technical choices we made when designing our products.

We have always been looking to reduce the upfront delays. In terms of online product customization, this translates into minimal web site load time, short path to product customization, reduced delay to interactive customization of the products. With this in mind, users of our solutions get rapidly the confidence and satisfaction of customizing the chosen product with their photos. The relation to time changes at this point. Now time is important to have to make the right choices and let the creativity express itself.

Speed makes us confident because it gives us a feeling of smart design.

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  1. Speed matters indeed! A slow-paced internet might actually effect people using the internet as it bores them, disrupts their workflow, etc. We have been using SaaS services from Lirik ( for a while now and I can confidently say that speed has never been an issue for us. We seldom have downtimes so workflow is never disrupted and tasks are done on time,

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