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What distinguishes Creator Five from Photo Web Shop?

Koffeeware provides two main products, Creator Five and Photo Web Shop. We get often asked how do Creator Five and Photo Web Shop really differentiate? Some information to better understand which suits best your needs.

To make it simple, on one hand, Photo Web Shop is a turnkey e-commerce environment to create photo products centric web shops. On the other hand, Creator Five is an online tool to provide for product customization functionnalities.Photo Web Shop provides the complete environment to manage the pages of your web site, the products’ database as wel as everything related to the orders and some marketing tools.

Creator Five provides a complete creation feature set for personalizing any kind of products ranging from cards to photo books and including photo books such as T-shirt, mugs, calendars, agendas and so much more.

Being developed using the HTML5 technology, Creator Five runs on any modern browser without requiring additional plug-ins. It also runs on mobile devices.

Obviously, Photo Web Shop includes Creator Five.

Creator Five includes an API for easy integration into third party e-commerce environments such as WooCommerce, Magento or Prestashop (to name only three of them). A plug-in is available for a simplified WooCommerce integration.

Photo Web Shop requires close to no technical knowledge to start and run you photo centric web shop, Creator Five requires some Javascript skills to properly interact with your e-commerce environment.

For more information, please check the product pages or contact us, we’d be glad to provide you with more information.

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