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Why HTML5 is important for online photo businesses

HTML5 has been around for some time. It suddenly has come a new buzzword for online photo businesses. Put simply, for non involved people, HTML5 sounds like just another version of that underlying language for web pages. Not really the stuff everybody feels concerned about.

But HTML5 has far more implications, some of which are highly beneficial to online photo services. 

HTML5 implementation

HTML5 allows for advanced interface features without requiring any plug-in to be installed. Photo manipulation to occur right at the browser level. It puts standard specifications for all browsers to implement these functions in a similar way. Although it can vary from browser to browser (see our HTML5 compatibility chart), HTML5 API implementation has now reached a satisfying level among the browsers to address a large part of Internet users. What remains is that features previously requiring installation of third party plug-ins such as Flash, Java or Silverlight can now be run without any additional software. Both security and speed are therefore improved.

More, HTML5 is not only available on desktop browsers, it is implemented into mobile devices’ browsers, tablets and smartphones. This means that HTML5 based photo editing functionalities can be made available on any device as long as the user interface has been designed to take into account possible restrictions. These restrictions are often due to screen size of mobile phones where a specific user interface many be needed.

Last but not the least, to a certain extend, customization of HTML5 based online tools can be made at CSS stylesheet level, requiring graphical designer level skills.

As playing is always more convincing than words, please check this practical overview of what HTML5 can offer to online photo. This demo is based on Koffeeware’s Creator Five HTML5 photo editor. HTML5 applications allow for creating complex products such as photo books, calendars, cards, canvases, t-shirts, mugs, phone covers, etc..

For sure, HTML5 is definitely what online photo businesses needed to provide a seamless customer experience to their clients which, in the end, is what matters the most.

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