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Increasing the average value of photo products basket

Selling photo products online is a tough task as photo publishing ecommerce competition is playing hard. This said, multiple ways exist to increase the average revenue per order.

Increase prices

This may sound simplistic but too low priced products can affect the perceived value of these products.


Offer a discount on a less known product for the purchase of mainstream products. Cross selling is a simple way to make your customers aware of new or less known products of your shop.


Some products include options. Your customers are not always thinking of these options. Making these options visible before confirming the basket can increase the overall value of the order. Upselling should be used with caution as it may distract your customer and delay the confirmation of the order.

Free shipping

Consider offering free shipping. Shipping has a cost, free shipping can be offered above a certain amount or value of products ordered. A customer is always sensitive to free.

The right e-commerce environment

Provided by Koffeeware, Photo Web Shop, a photo dedicated photo e-commerce solution, includes numerous ways to help increase the revenue per order.

Would you share other simple to trigger actions to increase the average value of photo products basket?

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