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Codabi, a random code list generator

Being a provider of photo e-commerce solutions, we have had to be able to provide various marketing tools. Among these marketing tools, all kind of coupons were soon needed.

Using a third party tool to generate the lists and then having to import them into our environment would soon have been time consuming. We therefore took the time to write our own random code list generator as a side-project.

Being asked multiple times to generate random lists for third party uses, we modified our environment to make it available as a stand alone random code list generator. While it started as a side-project, Codabi is now available as an online service at Lists up to 1000 codes are free. Lists up to 5 million codes at charged USD 14.95. Generated codes are unique and non-sequential with no ambiguous character combinations. An API has been added to provide some list management functions.

When asking for feedback, we see that usage of these lists of random codes goes beyond marketing purposes as these codes are also well suited for serial numbers.

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