KoffeeWare launches KoffeePhoto, a free photo sharing software

Benefiting from an unlimited network storage capacity, KoffeePhoto is an innovative answer to photo sharing needs

Strasbourg, France – October 18, 2006 – KoffeeWare, a company dedicated to peer-to-peer groupware solutions, launches KoffeePhoto a free software to manage, store and share personal pictures. Including an integrated peer-to-peer secure backup system, pictures are available from any connected computer.

KoffeePhoto benefits from key features:

  • Unlimited network storage capacity: files are encrypted on-the-fly and saved in real-time on the peer-to-peer network.
  • Universal access to pictures: pictures are available from any location as soon as software is installed and a session is started.
  • Easy photo album sharing: regardless to their size, photo albums can easily be sent in one click as streamed slide-shows with their mp3 background music, thus avoiding usual email size limitation problems.
  • Included file upload capabilities, prints can be ordered directly from the software to third party photo printing companies without the hassle of searching for the files and uploading them.
«KoffeePhoto is an innovative answer to photo sharing needs,» claims Gilles Pommereuil, CTO of KoffeeWare «and will soon provide new means of accessing to the personal digital picture library giving a new and deeper sense to the promise of an universal access to pictures».

Available for Windows XP, Mac OS X and Linux, KoffeePhoto can be freely downloaded from www.koffeephoto.com.


A propos de Koffeeware

Créée en octobre 2005, la société Koffeeware développe et commercialise des technologies et des solutions avancées permettant la réalisation de services photo personnalisés en ligne.

Ces technologies couvrent des applications telles que la synchronisation de données, l’édition de photos en ligne, le partage de photos en ligne, la sauvegarde de photos en ligne, la composition de livres photo en ligne ainsi que la commande de produits photo personnalisés.

L'offre Koffeeware est commercialisée en mode SaaS.

Koffeeware est une marque déposée de Koffeeware SAS.

Contacts presse :

Carl Conrad

+33 607.227.426