KoffeePhoto photo sharing gets two additional locales, Simplified Chinese and Czech

Strasbourg, France – 19 october 2007 – Photo sharing needs to be close to everybody’s everyday life. Therefore, no language boundaries should refrain its use. Since beginning of its development, KoffeePhoto was to break the boundaries and address the needs of photo sharing throughout the world. With this in mind, KoffeePhoto rapidly included five locales, being English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish.

Two weeks after introducing the KoffeePhoto Online Translation Tool, KoffeeWare announces two new locales added to KoffeePhoto with the help of the community of users, Simplified Chinese and Czech.

«Thanks to these additions, KoffeePhoto photo sharing gets one step closer to its users. Thanks to some high dedicated users, no doubt more locales will be added soon.» comments Carl Conrad, Marketing Director of KoffeeWare, editor of KoffeePhoto.
«Our KoffeePhoto Online Translation Tool and a strong involvement of our users really helped us getting things done rapidly.» adds Gilles Pommereuil, Technical Director of KoffeeWare, editor of KoffeePhoto.

KoffeePhoto is available from www.koffeephoto.com.


About KoffeePhoto

KoffeePhoto is a free photo storing and sharing solution. Based on a distributed storage model it offers virtually unlimited storage capabilities. KoffeePhoto already partners with several major printing companies worldwide.

KoffeePhoto and KoffeeWare are registered trademarks of KoffeeWare.

About Koffeeware

Founded in October 2005 and privately held, Koffeeware develops and provides cutting edge technologies and solutions dedicated to online photofinising services such as photofinishers, pure players or any web site requiring some photo file management capabilities. for a one-stop-shopping, Koffeeware provide its Koffeeware Photo Web Shop all-in-one photo e-commerce solution.
Koffeeware has received various distinctions for its innovative technologies and is backed by public innovation supporting funds such as OSEO and private investors such as the Grenoble Angels.

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