KoffeeWare unveils mobile extension preview to KoffeePhoto photo sharing

KoffeePhoto mobile photo sharing links pictures from its distributed peer-to-peer network down to the mobile phone

Strasbourg, France – March 21st, 2007 – KoffeeWare unveils a preview version of future KoffeePhoto mobile photo sharing. KoffeePhoto mobile photo sharing allows KoffeePhoto users to access and share photo albums on their mobile phone. Storage is free and unlimited thanks to KoffeePhoto’s unique private distributed storage technology. Photo albums are available anytime anywhere. Pictures can be viewed interactively or using full screen streamed slide-shows. The size of the screen is automatically detected in order to maximize the display and optimize the file download.

“We believe it is now the perfect time for such kind of applications as the combination of 3G/3G+ phones capable of high wireless data throughput and QVGA displays makes running photo sharing applications on mobile phones a reality.” explains Carl Conrad, Marketing Manager of KoffeeWare, editor of KoffeePhoto.
“In early development stages of KoffeePhoto photo sharing in 2005, a mobile phone based client was already an obvious milestone on our product development roadmap. While the application runs well with a GPRS/EDGE connection, 3G(UMTS)/3G+(HSDPA) or WiFi connection are recommended for an optimal user experience.” adds Gilles Pommereuil, CTO of KoffeeWare, editor of KoffeePhoto.

The functions currently implemented allow to browse photo albums.

Available as a J2ME application (a small Java mobile application), KoffeePhoto mobile photo sharing can be easily installed on a wide variety of mobile phones and converging PDAs. It can be downloaded from: koffeephoto.com/mobile. A demo mode is included. More information on www.koffeephoto.com/en/mobile-photo-sharing.


A propos de Koffeeware

Créée en octobre 2005, la société Koffeeware développe et commercialise des technologies et des solutions avancées permettant la réalisation de services photo personnalisés en ligne.

Ces technologies couvrent des applications telles que la synchronisation de données, l’édition de photos en ligne, le partage de photos en ligne, la sauvegarde de photos en ligne, la composition de livres photo en ligne ainsi que la commande de produits photo personnalisés.

L'offre Koffeeware est commercialisée en mode SaaS.

Koffeeware est une marque déposée de Koffeeware SAS.

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Carl Conrad

+33 607.227.426